#AAPIsResist Twitter Town Hall: One Year After Pulse

Miss the chat? Check out the storify here.


As we near the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), and into LGBTQ and Immigration Heritage Month, we also approach the 1-year anniversary since the Pulse club-shooting massacre. How can we heal in these trying times? How do we challenge ongoing forms of homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia within our own communities?

Find the questions @AAPIsResist or see below.


  1. Let’s get started. What does queer justice look like for LGBTQ people of color? #AAPIsResist
  2. How can we fight homophobia and transphobia within ourselves? #AAPIsResist
  3. In what ways are AAPI communities impacted by homophobia and transphobia? #AAPIsResist
  4. How can we fight/shift homophobia and transphobia within our AAPI communities? #AAPIsResist
  5. Pride has always been political but is now being overtaken by big banks like Wells Fargo. How can we challenge the corporatization of Pride?
  6. What roles can allies play in fighting for Queer Justice? How do we build more co-conspirators? #AAPIsResist
  7. Almost a year we lost the lives of 49 #LGBTQ community members in #PulseMassacre #OrlandoShooting, how can we honor them in our daily lives?
  8. Why is understanding the intersections of LGBTQ identity important in strengthening our work? #AAPIsResist
  9. In AAPI families, coming out can be seen as dishonoring parents. How can we facilitate intergenerational understanding of LGBTQ experiences?
  10. Let’s shout it out! Share resources and organizations you know doing radical + inclusive LGBTQ liberation work. #AAPIsResist
  11. Finally, what will you commit to in order to create a world free of homophobia and transphobia? #AAPIsResist

Follow the co-hosts and the hashtag #AAPIsResist on Twitter:

  • 18millionrising – @18millionrising
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance – @APALANational
  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon – @APANONews
  • National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance – @NQAPIA

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