#AAPIsResist Twitter Town Hall: Beyond the Moment

Miss the chat? Check out the storify here.


Join us on Twitter today at 3pm ET / 12pm PT for a Twitter Town Hall on Forms of Activism, co-hosted by 18millionrising, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities, Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and Reappropriate.

Find the questions @AAPIsResist or see below.


  1. Let’s get started. What does “Beyond the Moment” mean to you and for #AAPIs in general? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  2. May 18th is Vincent Chin’s birthday, the 19th is Yuri Kochiyama’s. How can we look to our history to inform our resistance?
  3. What are some examples of shared struggles between different movements? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  4. What does it look like to unite movements? What does it mean by “organizing at the intersections”? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  5. What or who are we organizing, resisting, and fighting back against? And what for? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  6. Let’s get more specific. What does it mean to stand with #BlackLivesMatter & @MovementForBlackLives #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  7. How do we elevate immigrant and refugee voices and issues without endangering our friends and families? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  8. Why is it so important to listen to Indigenous, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  9. How do we build a pipeline of women, transgender, & gender non-conforming folx in places of influence? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  10. How does climate/environmental justice come into play? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  11. What are some best practices/tips to shift negative and racist narratives? #AAPIsResist #BeyondtheMoment
  12. In five words or less, what’s your vision for a world #BeyondtheMoment. #AAPIsResist

Follow the co-hosts and the hashtag #AAPIsResist on Twitter:

  • 18millionrising – @18millionrising
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance – @APALANational
  • Empowering Pacific Islander Communities – @EmpoweredPI
  • Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences – @ISAASEtweets
  • National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum – @NAPAWF
  • Reappropriate – @Reappropriate

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