#AAPIsResist Twitter Town Hall: Thinking Globally

Miss the chat? Check out the storify here.

#AAPIsResist twitter town hall (1)

Join us on Twitter today at 3pm ET / 12pm PT for a Twitter Town Hall on Thinking Globally, co-hosted by the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, International Labor Rights Forum, and the Solidarity Center.

Find the questions @AAPIsResist or see below.


  1. Why is it important to build international labor movement #solidarity?
  2. Do consumers have the power to change and improve conditions for workers abroad? What about corporate accountability efforts?
  3. What can we learn from unions and activists abroad about effectively organizing in the face of fascism and oppression?
  4. How does the rise of #racism and #xenophobia play out in the global fight for worker rights?
  5. What are some examples of closing space for civil society in the US and abroad?
  6. What are shared struggles for migrant workers both here and abroad? How do we build power?
  7. What are some shared struggles involving women workers in the US and abroad?
  8. What does it mean to be deported for families growing up in the U.S.?
  9. How can we better connect and elevate NHPI issues and voices in our organizing?
  10. What are the best practices to organize beyond the concept of borders?
  11. What is at stake if we don’t look at our organizing in a global context?

Follow the co-hosts and the hashtag #AAPIsResist on Twitter:

  • APALA – @APALANational
  • ILRF – @ilrf
  • Solidarity Center – @SolidarityCntr


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