#AAPIsResist Month of Action


During this year’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) in May, we are celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) resistance, both past and present, in order to strengthen our commitment to achieving broader racial, environmental, economic, and social justice.  From the incarceration of Japanese Americans to the deportations of Southeast Asians to the uptick of hate violence against Muslim and perceived-to-be Muslim communities, we center APAHM as an important political moment to reflect on our communities’ ongoing resistance. We are calling on AAPI organizations and individuals to take part in the #AAPIsResist Month of Action throughout APAHM to show that we are not afraid to stand up and speak out and that AAPIs are #NotYourModelMinority. Download the full one pager here.

We call on AAPI organizations and individuals to take part in the #AAPIsResist Month of Action throughout APAHM to show that we are not afraid to stand up, speak out, and resist! 

To add your own events, please submit them to mmanapsal@apalanet.org

Here’s how you can take part:

(1) Take it to the streets.

Millions of people continue to rally against bad policies that hurt our people, our communities, and our planet. What better way to kick off APAHM than by joining or organizing an AAPI contingent near you for the People’s Climate March and for May Day/International Workers’ Day!

People’s Climate March: March for climates, jobs, and justice at the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC on April 29th. RSVP for the AAPI contingent for the march in Washington, DC here.

May Day/International Workers’ Day: Working people of all bacgrounds are coming together to fight for dignity, safety, and power. Demand that we put people over profit this May 1st. Look for an action near you, or join one of these AAPI contingents:

  • Bay Area – San Francisco & Oakland, CA: Contact tiffany@cpasf.org to join AAPIs on May  Day!
  • Las Vegas, NV: March with APALA NV at the Unity March. More info here.
  • Los Angeles, CA: Join UPLIFT for May Day. Email tpasumbal@advancingjustice-la.org for more info.
  • Portland & Salem, OR: Join APANO in Portland & Salem! Email kara@apano.org for more info.
  • Providence, RI: March alongside PrYSM and email sarath@prysm.us for more info.
  • Washington, DC: Join APALA, NAKASEC, & NAPAWF at an AAPI contingent. RSVP here.

(2) Host a workshop, event, or talk on racial justice.

The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit, a resource from Grassroots Asians Rising, and the Beyond the Moment Toolkit offer great curriculum and workshop options. To sign up for trainings, please visit the website: http://www.asianamtoolkit.org.

  • New York, NY: SEIU 1199 Caucus’ event celebrating AAPI labor union accomplishments. RSVP to medinam@1199.org.
  • San Jose, CA: APALA South Bay’s APAHM celebration, featuring Dr. Tung Thanh Nguyen who resigned from the President’s Commission on AAPIs to protest the new administration’s policies. Email carmella@seiu521.org for more info.

(3) Participate in a Twitter Town Hall.

The #AAPIsResist coalition will be hosting a twitter town hall every Thursday in May at 3pm ET / 12 PT on specific issues. Check out @AAPIsResist or http://www.aapisresist.org for questions, and make sure to include #AAPIsResist in your answers. Sign  up as a co-host for any of these town halls here.

MAY 4th – Thinking Globally: What’s happening in America is part of a larger global trend of xenophobia and conservatism. As people start to more explicitly recognize the implications and connections of participating in a global economy, we ask ourselves: How do we learn from the work of our comrades across the world? How do re-connect local and global efforts to strengthen our collective work moving forward?

MAY 11th – Forms of Activism: With the current and impending attacks on our communities, people are ready to fight. It’s easy to equate marching and direct actions as a part of our activism, but resistance can look come in all different sizes, shapes, and forms. How do you resist? How do we create safe, inclusive spaces to achieve broader social, racial, and economic justice?

MAY 18th – Beyond the Moment: On April 4, the Movement for Black Lives launched Beyond the Moment alongside a number of organizations, individuals, and networks to fight for justice and freedom for Black and Brown people, immigrant communities, women, children, LGBTQ communities, working class communities, and those fighting for our rights to clean air and water. What is our role as Asian American and Pacific Islander people beyond the moment?

MAY 25th – One Year After Pulse: As we near the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), and into LGBTQ and Immigration Heritage Month, we also approach the 1-year anniversary since the Pulse club-shooting massacre. How can we heal in these trying times? How do we challenge ongoing forms of homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia within our own communities?

Follow us on Twitter @AAPIsResist and make sure to tag #AAPIsResist during your actions!

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